Representations of Artificial Intelligence in Cinema: pure biological agents

The definition of Android is not widely agreed. Here, I am using it to refer to human-like entities that are grown using a biological process, with their reasoning mechanism largely human-like, rather than artificial. Thus, they do not exhibit Artificial Intelligence.

Action Lady & Other Tales 2000 ?
Alien 1979 ?
Andover and the Android 1965 (TVM) What makes us human?
The Android Affair 1995 (TVM) memory and personality
The Android Walks 1997 ?
Blade Runner 1982 what is memory and does it make us real?

Creation of the Humanoids


what is it that makes us human, can androids replace humanity ?

Condor 1986 (TVM) ?
Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow 1993 ?
Cyborg 3: The Recycler 1995 ?
Dead or Alive: Final 2002 ?
Firestorm 1995 ?
Future Cop 1976 (TVM) ?
Kyuti Hani/Cutie Honey 2004 human re-animated using nanobots
Impostor 2002 human copies used as bombs
Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter 1966 reanimated body with an artificial brain
Morgan2016human genetically modified to be a weapon
Night for Nixie 2003 ?
Not Quite Human 1987 (TVM) ?
Not Quite Human II 1989 (TVM) ?
Numb 2003 artificial 'reconstructed' humans
Beyond the Rising Moon\Outerworld 1987 none
Phoenix 1995 ?
Pleasure Maze (porn) 1986 ?
Prototype 1983 (TVM) ?
The Questor Tapes 1973 (TVM) incomplete memory means incomplete agent?
Replicant 2001cloned human

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles


features androids, not crucial to main plot line

Still Not Quite Human 1992 (TVM) ?
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 1987 none
Teknolust 2002 none
The Tomorrow Man 1995 (TVM) ?
Ultimate Lover (porn) 1986 ?
Weird Science 1985 ?

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