Representations of Artificial Intelligence in Cinema: not AI

The Abominable Dr. Phibes1971 clockwork musicians
Aelita/Aelita: Queen of Mars/Revolt of the Robots 1924human slave workers treated no better than robots
American Pie Presents Band Camp 2005 Teleoperated vechicle
Asylum 1972 toys in shape of robots
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997 ***
Avalon2001virtual reality, possibly with AI gamesmaster
Big Meat Eater 1982 tiny toy robot aliens spoof
Billion Dollar Brain 1967 supercomputer
Brainstorm 1983 Assembly robots
Il Casanova di Federico Fellini/Fellini's Casanova 1976 Mechanical doll and bird
Chicken Little 2005 Mechanical exoskeleton
The City of the Lost Children/Cite des enfants perdus, La 1995 weird machines
Class of 1999 II: The Substitute1994human pretending to be robot
Click2006robot dog
Congo 1995Brief shot of teleoperated arms+hands
The Curious Dr. Humpp/Venganza del sexo, La 1971 zombie-like humans
Cyberpunk 1990 ***
The Cyberstalking 1999 virtual reality
Dante's Peak 1997 teleoperated legged mobile
Dr. Phibes Rises Again 1972 clockwork musicians
EuroTrip 2004 robot style mime
Planete sauvage, La /The Fantastic Planet 1973 unclear - maybe remotely controlled bodies
Fierce Creatures 1997 Mechatronic panda
Flash Gordon: Space Soldiers 1936 no robots?
Freejack 1992 ***

Future Force


no AI whatsoever, one mechanical glove

The Gate to the Mind's Eye 1994 Animated graphics showcase with a robot-like body in some sequences
Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control 2008 remote control humanoid
The Great Mouse Detective 1986 mechanical wind-up toys
The Great Yokai War/Yokai Daisenso 2005 magic-animated mechanical monsters
Hackers 1995 ***
Hold Me with Your Robot Hand 2000 ***
Home Movie 2001teleoperated humanoid robot
H.O.T.S. 1979 human pretending to be a cleaning robot (nudity)
I Love Budapest 2001 no idea - reference to actors' skills?
Joey/Making Contact 1985 robot toy animated by some spiritual mechanism
Kiss Me Quick! a large box pretending to be an all-purpose servent, plus some topless no longer normal females
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace 1996 virtual reality
License to Wed 2007 mechanical dolls, some remote control
A Life Less Ordinary 1997 mindless cleaning robot
Mad Mission II/Zuijia paidang daxian shentong 1983teleoperated mechanicals
Moon 44 1990 automated mining robots
Mumford 1999 mechanical sex toy
New Rose Hotel 1998 ***
Paprika 2006virtual wind-up robot toy
The Parole Officer2001Teleoperated vehicle
Real Steel2011Teleoperated fighting robots
Robo Warriors 1996 Teleoperated giant 'exo-skeletons'
Robot Jox/Robojox 1991 giant combat teleoperated robots
Robot Ninja 1990 no robots at all
Robot Wrecks 1941 human pretending to be a robot causes trouble
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie - Rugrats II 2000teleoperated animatronics
Sakura taisen/Sakura Wars 1997mechanical exoskeleton
S1m0ne2002CGI character inserted into movies

The Saturn Avenger Vs the Terror Robot


short film, z-list, there is a robot in the plot

SOPOR 1981 industrial robots
Split 2004 ***
Stargate 1994 ***
Stay Tuned 1992 TV segment w/robot cat?
Subliminal Seduction 1996 ***
Surrogates2009 Teleoperated bodies, factory robots
The Thief of Baghdad 1940 clockwork mechanical (magical) horse
The Thirteenth Floor 1999 cybereality supported by a computer
A Town Called Panic 2009 robot-looking vehicle
Unwound2003 ***
Vera2003?unclear why IMDB info
Virus2002 many clever mechatronic devices constructed and controlled by an alien electronic intelligence (possibly artificial)
Waxworks 1988 animated wax sculptures
Waxwork II: Lost in Time 1992 various spoofs of horror movies
The Wild, Wild West1999 some clever mechatronic devices controlled by humans
WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 32002 mechatronic battle suit

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