Watershed Segmentation*


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Table of Contents

Watershed Segmentation*


Major Problems

Watershed transform: mathematical morphology-based partitioning tool

The drainage analogy

The immersion analogy

Pathwise criterion

Basic Watershed Transform

How to obtain visually sensible watershed lines?

Marker-driven gradient modification† 

"Marker-driven" gradient modification (continued)

Multi-resolutional watershed$

Multi-resolutional watershed (continued)

Multi-resolutional watershed (continued)

Multi-resolutional watershed (continued)

Meyer’s watershed transform

Fast watershed transform

Modified fast watershed transform

Meyer’s watershed (continued)

Meyer’s watershed (continued)

Meyer’s watershed (continued)

3-D Meyer’s watershed

3-D image of heart and 3-D morphology operations

3-D gradient operation and watershed trasnform

Localization of watershed pixels

More images

4-D Meyer’s watershed transform of heart

4-D Meyer's watershed transfrom of pulmonary. artery



Automatic marker detection and watershed segmentation

Computation time for watershed transform

Ad Oculus imaging classes in C++ 

Binary mathematical morphology

Grayscale mathematical morphology

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