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The creation of HIPR was a team effort which would not have been possible without the advice, contributions and criticisms of many people.

In particular, we would like to thank the following for advice on what should be included in HIPR: Dr. G. Briarty (Nottingham University), Dr. C. Duncan (Edinburgh University) and Dr. A. Etemadi (Imperial College).

We would like to thank the staff and students of Edinburgh's Meteorology (Dr. C. Duncan), Physics (Dr. W. Hossack) and Artificial Intelligence for being guinea pigs with HIPR as it was being developed.

Prof. M. Landy of New York University provided the information about the HIPS operators.

Many of the input images were acquired specifically for HIPR, however, we would also like to thank those individuals and organizations who, without endorsing the material in the HIPR package, donated images from their own research or private photo collections. All images included in HIPR can be freely used for educational or research purposes, but further distribution is prohibited. Any publication of a contributed image must include the acknowledgement enclosed near its position in the image subject catalog.

The image contributors include: Ms. R. Aguilar-Chongtay (wom3, cel4), Dr. N. Wyatt and Dr. J. B.. Lloyd (ugr1), Mr. S. Beard (egg1), Calibrated Imaging Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University (st00 - st11, sponsored, in part, by DARPA, NSF and NASA), Dr. A. Dil (puf1, crs1, cot1, goo1, dov1, pdc1, bri1, cas1, lao1, win1), Ms. S. Flemming (hse2, hse3, hse4), Dr. M. Foster (mri1, mri2), Georgia Institute of Technology on-line image database (cam1, wom2, trk1, brg1, cln1, urb1, wom1), Mr. D. Howie (leg1), Mr. X. Huang (bab4, wom5, wom6, txt3), Dr. N. Karssemeijer and University Hospital Nijmegen. (stl1, stl2, slt1, slt2), Dr. B. Lotto (cel1, cel2, cla3, clb3, clc3, cel5, cel6, cel7, axn1, axn2), Mr. A. MacLean (pcb1, pcb2), EUMETSAT (air1, avs1, bir1, bvs1, eir1, evs1, sir1, svs1, uir1, uvs1), Mr. A. Miller (AudioVisual Services for loan of the tst2 testcard), NASA & (specifically) Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive (lun1, shu1, shu2, shu3, fei1, arp1, arp2, ctr1, mof1), Pilot European Image Processing Archive (PEIPA) (rot1), Dr. L. Quam and SRI International (yos2-16), Royal Greenwich Observatory, the Starlink Project and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (str1, str2, str3), Ms. V. Temperton (rck1, rck2, rck3), Dr. P. Thanisch and A. Hume (mam1, mam2), Mr. D. Walker (sff1, sfn1, sfc1), Mr. M. Westhead (rob1).

A number of the images were copied (with many thanks) from C. A. Glasbey and G. W. Horgan, Image Analysis for the Biological Sciences (John Wiley, 1995). We also thank the original contributors of those images: Dr. J. Darbyshire, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland (soi1), Dr. M. A. Foster, Biomedical Physics & Bioengineering, University of Aberdeen (mri1, mri2), Dr. C. Maltin, Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland (mus1), Dr. N. Martin, Scottish Agricultural Co, Ayr, Scotland (alg1), Dr. K. Ritz, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland (fun1), Dr. G. Simm, Genetics and Behavioural Sciences Dept, Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh, Scotland (usd1, xra1), Dr. N. Strachan, Torry Research Station, Aberdeen, Scotland (fsh2), Dr. F. Wright, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland (dna1).

Thanks go to many helpful people in the Department of Artificial Intelligence for technical assistance with the hypertext and image productions, including N. Brown, T. Colles, A. Fitzgibbon and M. Westhead.

Funding for the development of this project was provided by the United Kingdom's Joint Information Systems Committee, under their New Technology Initiative, Project 194, and by the University of Edinburgh. We greatly appreciate their support and advice through Dr. T. Franklin (Manchester University).


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