Uses of Class

Packages that use SimulatorState
com.speckled.specksim The main classes/interfaces of SpeckSim. 
com.speckled.specksim.gui Main package for the SpeckSim gui. 
com.speckled.specksim.state Classes for representing and manipulating the interesting state of a simulation 

Uses of SimulatorState in com.speckled.specksim

Methods in com.speckled.specksim that return SimulatorState
 SimulatorState SpeckSim.getState()

Uses of SimulatorState in com.speckled.specksim.gui

Methods in com.speckled.specksim.gui that return SimulatorState
 SimulatorState StateBuffer.getState()

Methods in com.speckled.specksim.gui with parameters of type SimulatorState
 void StateBuffer.addState(SimulatorState state)
          Adds a state to the buffer
 void StateBuffer.Listener.stateAdded(SimulatorState state)
          Called when a state has been added to the buffer

Uses of SimulatorState in com.speckled.specksim.state

Methods in com.speckled.specksim.state that return SimulatorState
 SimulatorState StateSource.getState()
          Gets a SimulatorState object from the source
 SimulatorState StateSink.getState()
          Gets the current state object
 SimulatorState StateReader.getState()

Methods in com.speckled.specksim.state with parameters of type SimulatorState
 long StateRecorder.writeState(SimulatorState state)
          Write a SimulatorState object to the stream