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Packages that use StatisticsModule
com.speckled.specksim.datagen Classes for generating datafiles of simulation results 
com.speckled.specksim.imp.stats StatisticModule implmentations. 
com.speckled.specksim.statistics The statistic gathering subsystem. 

Uses of StatisticsModule in com.speckled.specksim.datagen

Fields in com.speckled.specksim.datagen declared as StatisticsModule
 StatisticsModule StatisticsRecorder.module
          The statistics module that this recorder is recording

Uses of StatisticsModule in com.speckled.specksim.imp.stats

Subclasses of StatisticsModule in com.speckled.specksim.imp.stats
 class CommunicationsModule
          Calculates statistics about communications
 class LeaderStatisticModule
          Gathers statistics about the specks that have a notion of a leader speck
 class NeighbourhoodModule
          This statistics module provides: Average Neighbourhood size Average Neighbourhood as a percentage of the total number of specks NB: Non-NeighbourhoodAware specks are not included in these calculations

Uses of StatisticsModule in com.speckled.specksim.statistics

Methods in com.speckled.specksim.statistics that return StatisticsModule
 StatisticsModule StatisticsGatherer.getModule(java.lang.String name)
          Gets a named module