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The leaf image used on these pages is a rendering of a fractal image I wrote in postscript one dreary Sunday afternoon. The postscript is quite simple:

%%Creator: Freehand by Rob Clark (C) 1998
/d 0 def /rec { gsave dup scale rotate /d d 1 add def 
d 7 lt {leaf} if /d d 1 sub def grestore} def 
/k { 500 mul 0 exch translate dup 60 exch rec -60 exch rec } def 
/leaf { 0 0  moveto 0 500 rlineto stroke 0.4 0.24 k 
0.3 0.27 k 0.23 0.23 k 0.175 0.17 k} def 
300 150 translate leaf showpage

The number in red is the recursion depth and can be changed to produce more or less detail in the leaf. A value of 7 takes about half an hour to print on a good printer and is what was used for the images on these pages. Click on the leaf below for a larger image.