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Planning and Reasoning for Robot Vision, R. Petrick, slides from a tutorial course presented at Aalborg University Copenhagen, Ballerup, Denmark, 2010-09-17.

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In this tutorial I present an introduction to automated planning, including classical planning, belief space planning, and knowledge-level planning. The primary focus of the course is representation, in particular, how different types of planning problems affect the plan generation process. The tutorial is divided into two main parts. In the first part, I review standard approaches to classical STRIPS-style planning, and provide an overview of popular planning methods and planning software. I also present examples of simple planning domains in PDDL. In the second part of the course, I give an introduction to belief space and knowledge-level planning, with a focus on planning with incomplete information and sensing actions. Examples are primarily presented using the representation provided by the PKS planner. I also highlight a number of problems related to the plan generation problem, including plan execution monitoring and action model learning. Throughout the tutorial, a series of planning examples will be presented from a variety of robot and software systems.