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From Knowledge-Level Planning to Knowledge-Based Programming, R. Petrick, slides from a talk presented at The Copenhagen Association for Dynamics, Interaction, Logic, Language, and Computation (CADILLAC) Workshop, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016-05-24.

[ slides (coming soon) ]


PKS (Planning with Knowledge and Sensing) is an automated planner that builds plans based on what the planner knows: actions are modelled in terms of the changes they make to the planner's knowledge state, and plans sequence actions together to achieve knowledge-level goals. As a result, PKS includes a set of primitive operators for representing and reasoning about knowledge and action. One of the lesser-known features of PKS is that it also includes certain imperative programming constructs (e.g., variables, arithmetic operators, control structures) as part of its representation language. In this talk, I describe preliminary work aimed at adapting PKS into a high-level programming framework in the spirit of Golog or YAGI, using PKS's knowledge-level operators as primitive features of the resulting language.