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Seminar talk

Planning for Natural Language: Experiments in Instruction Giving and Robot Dialogue, R. Petrick, slides from a talk presented to the Dialogue and Interaction Working Group (DIG), School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK, 2010-06-10.

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Natural language generation and dialogue both have long traditions as application areas of automated planning systems. While current mainstream approaches have largely ignored the planning approach to natural language, several recent publications have sparked a renewed interest in this area.

In this talk, I will describe ongoing work on applying planning techniques to two novel domains inspired by problems in natural language: the GIVE (Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments) domain, and a robot dialogue domain from the PACO-PLUS project. In GIVE, we treat the underlying task problem as an instance of classical planning, and investigate the efficiency of current off-the-shelf planners like FF and SGPLAN in this domain. In PACO-PLUS, we use the knowledge-level PKS planner and view the problem of generating a sequence of speech acts as the more general problem of planning with incomplete information and sensing actions. Overall, our results are mixed: while some planners perform well on particular problem instances, others pose a challenge for the current generation of automated planners.

This talk describes joint work with Alexander Koller (GIVE) and Mark Steedman (PACO-PLUS).