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ICCS Seminar Series talk

A Knowledge-Level Approach to Dialogue Planning, R. Petrick, slides from a talk presented at the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems (ICCS) Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh, UK, 2007-10-12.

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The problem of planning dialogue moves can be viewed as an instance of the more general AI problem of planning with incomplete information and sensing. Sensing or knowledge-producing actions complicate the planning process since such actions require reasoning about an agent's knowledge state, and give rise to potentially infinite state spaces. Recent approaches from the knowledge representation and planning communities, however, have been effective at representing and reasoning with sensing actions in a variety of scenarios.

In this talk, I report on an approach to planning dialogue actions based on intuitions from the PKS (Planning with Knowledge and Sensing) planner [Petrick & Bacchus 2002, 2004], a "knowledge-level" conditional planner that is able to construct plans with sensing actions under conditions of incomplete information. I focus primarily on a set of extensions to the Linear Dynamic Event Calculus (LDEC) [Steedman 1997, 2002], inspired by PKS, and show how LDEC can be applied to the problem of planning mixed-initiative collaborative discourse. I also describe some preliminary work that aims to use PKS directly as a platform for dialogue planning.

This talk describes joint work with M. Steedman, based on [Steedman & Petrick 2007].