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Workshop talk

I know what you want! Towards planning with multiagent knowledge in PKS, R. Petrick, slides from a talk presented at the workshop To Be Announced! Synthesis of Epistemic Protocols, Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherlands, 2015-08-17.

[ slides (coming soon) ]


PKS (Planning with Knowledge and Sensing) is a knowledge-level planner that builds plans by reasoning directly about what the planner knows and does not know, and how the planner's knowledge changes due to action. While the basic planner provided a first-person, single agent view of planning with incomplete information and sensing, recent work has aimed to improve the planner's representational and inferential ability through extensions like interval-valued epistemic fluents, knowledge decay, program-like constructs, and the integration of external reasoning engines. In addition, the first steps have been taken to extend the PKS approach to nested multiagent knowledge. In this talk I will review the basic PKS planner and highlight details of some of the planner's recent extensions. This work has partly been motivated by robotics applications and examples of such domains will be presented, notably a scenario involving human-robot interaction with a robot bartender.