Desmond Elliott

I have moved to the University of Amsterdam

Previously: ABCDE Postdoctoral Fellow at CWI
Researcher-in-Residence at Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Ph.D Student at The University of Edinburgh

I work on structured representations of images that co-occur with text for language generation. My Ph.D supervisors were Frank Keller and Victor Lavrenko.

Photo of Desmond

The Visual and Linguistic Treebank

The Visual and Linguistic Treebank (VLT) is a dataset of images annotated with Visual Dependency Representations. A Visual Dependency Representation is a structured representation that captures the prominent spatial relationships between the objects in an image. This representation of an image has proven useful for both automatic image description (Elliott and Keller, 2013), and query-by-example image retrieval (Elliott, Lavrenko, and Keller, 2014).