About Me

Best MSc Dissertation (out of 153 people) in my year and winner of an ACM Student Research Competition during my PhD, I am in the process of writing-up my Doctoral Thesis on substantially reducing the cost of creating machine learning based heuristics, as they apply to compile-time and run-time optimisations.

I am also actively seeking a graduate-level engineering or research position, preferably within Central Scotland but I also would consider relocating.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning
  • Compiler Optimisations
  • Scheduling in Heterogeneous Systems
  • General-Purpose Computing on a Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU)



  • ACM Student Research Competition Winner at CGO — 2015
  • Citigroup Prize for Best System Design Group Project (U. of Edinburgh) — 2011

Professional Activity

  • Reviewed for: CGO’14, CASES’14, CGO’15, and ACM TACO
  • Volunteered at: PACT’13, PLDI’14, and ParCo'15


  • Marker: Introduction to Computer Systems (U. of Edinburgh) — 2015
  • Demonstrator: Programming Interviews Workshop (U. of Edinburgh) — 2014
  • Teaching Assistant: Competitive Programming (U. of Edinburgh) — 2013


  • Association for Computing Machinery, Student
  • HiPEAC European Network, Student