I am a PhD student at CISA, within the School of Informatics,
University of Edinburgh

My PhD is supervised by Prof Alan Bundy and Dr Alan Smaill

I am a member of the DReaM Group and the Agents Group

I am fascinated by the concurrent and collaborative nature of human reasoning processes and the scope of adopting such approaches in automated reasoning systems. My research interests include: Collaborative problem solving/decision making, concurrent/distributed constraint satisfaction, analysis of collaborative aspects of problem solving tasks like puzzle solving

For my PhD project, Distributed theorem proving/proof planning, I am investigating the application of novel concurrent and collaborative approaches as well as large scale data-parallelism approaches to theorem proving tasks.

Here is a paper that describes the SAT work Concurrent-distributed programming techniques for SAT using DPLL-stålmarck

And, here is why all this might be more relevant than ever before, even from a practical point of view:

With the increasing accessibility of multicore technologies and distributed computing networks, it is becoming imperative to investigate novel ways of using these technologies to tackle hard problems and to tap latent distribution and collaborative problem solving opportunities present in various tasks that computers are being used to solve.

My PhD is funded by ORS, University of Edinburgh ORS Linked Scholarship, University of Edinburgh Principal's scholarship and CISA

  Brief Resume

Academic Background

Studied Computer Science at University of Cambridge,UK.

Was a British Chevening scholar.

Studied for a masters in Mathematics at the
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India.    
Was a recipient of performance based (top 1% of the class) merit scholarship at IIT Madras.

My early brush with Theoretical computer science: summer school at a wonderful place:
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences(MATSCIENCE), Madras, India

Research/Software development experience

Worked in London , UK, developing software for a property-loan grading application for one of UK's top retail banks. 

Worked in one of the research labs of the Telecommunications and Networks Group, the TeNet group at IIT-Madras, developing Indian language interfaces for the Linux operating system, doing a lot of C programming and kernel hacking. This project was part of an effort to bridge the digital divide by taking technology to the rural masses

Worked for a software development firm: Mahindra British Telecom


|| Sripriya G ||