Luna De Ferrari
Group: Computational Systems Biology group at CISA
Address: Informatics Forum, room 1.05, 10 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9AB, UK
Phone: +44-0131-6505146 ext: 505146
CV: 2011
Some links: Open source software:
I work and play exclusively with free open source software. Try it out!
    Operating systems:
    • Ubuntu: linux for human beings!
    • Includes most of the software below, or just add with the package manager GUI

    For Linux:
    • FreeMind: for creating mind maps/graphs, beware, it's addictive :)
    • Lyx: easy editor, your portal to latex
    • Kile: latex editor
    • Dot: for graphs/diagrams > also automatically from files
    • Inkscape: for posters
    • Dia: for diagrams
    • Quanta: html editor
    • Kate: quick text/code editor if you are not at ease with emacs
    • Jude: UML diagrams editor
    • Protege: ontologies editor
    • F-spot: photo manager with direct upload to Flikr

    For Windows:
    • Lyx (port for Windows)
    • TeXnicCentre (latex editor) + MikTex (latex for Windows)
    • Syn (text editor - forget about notepad)
    • IrfanView (image viewer/converter)
    • HTML-kit (html editor)
    • NVu (wysiwyg web editor)
    • X Cygwin (for using unix applications remotely from your Windows pc)