Stephen Kyle

Ph.D Student

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Interests: JIT compilation, virtual machines, Dalvik, Android, scripting languages, instruction set simulators

1st Supervisor: Björn Franke
2nd Supervisor: Hugh Leather


My research focuses on JIT compilation in mobile device virtual machines. With the arrival of heterogeneous SoCs in mobile devices, how should JIT compilers be adapted to exploit these systems to reduce energy consumption?

I graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2010 with a BEng in Computer Science. My CV can be found here.

I'm a member of the CArD research group in ICSA.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here.


July - December 2014: Worked with the Android team at ARM, produced DexFuzz.

Summer 2013: Worked on simulator technologies with the QuIC tools team at Qualcomm in Austin, TX.

Summer 2012: Attended the HiPEAC ACACES 2012 summer school.

June 2012: Presented a paper at LCTES 2012 in Beijing, China.

April 2012: Attended the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Göteborg, Sweden. Gave a talk about Android.

Summer 2011: Attended the HiPEAC ACACES 2011 summer school.


Application of Domain-aware Binary Fuzzing to Aid Android Virtual Machine Testing
S .Kyle, H. Leather, B. Franke, D. Butcher, and S. Monteith
(to appear in VEE'15)

A Parallel Dynamic Binary Translator for Efficient Multi-Core Simulation
O. Almer, I. Böhm, T. Edler von Koch, B. Franke, S. Kyle, V. Seeker, C. Thompson, and N. Topham

Efficiently Parallelizing Instruction Set Simulation of Embedded Multi-Core Processors Using Region-based Just-in-Time Dynamic Binary Translation
S.Kyle, I.Böhm, B.Franke, H.Leather and N.Topham.

Scalable Multi-Core Simulation Using Parallel Dynamic Binary Translation
O.Almer, I.Böhm, T.Edler von Koch, B.Franke, S.Kyle, V.Seeker, C.Thompson and N.Topham.

Generalized Just-In-Time Trace Compilation using a Parallel Task Farm in a Dynamic Binary Translator
I.Böhm, T.Edler von Koch, S.Kyle, B.Franke and N.Topham.


Semester 1 of 2012/13: Tutor for Informatics 1: Functional Programming
Semester 1 of 2011/12: Tutor for Informatics 2C: Computer Systems
Semester 1 of 2010/11: Tutor for Informatics 2C: Computer Systems