Stephen Kyle

Ph.D Student

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

Interests: virtual machines, Android, ART, DEX, scripting languages, simulators

Supervisors: Björn Franke and Hugh Leather


March 2015: Presented a paper at VEE 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.

July - December 2014: Worked with the Android team at ARM, produced DexFuzz.

Summer 2013: Worked on simulator technologies with the QuIC tools team at Qualcomm in Austin, TX.

Summer 2012: Attended the HiPEAC ACACES 2012 summer school.

June 2012: Presented a paper at LCTES 2012 in Beijing, China.

April 2012: Attended the HiPEAC Computing Systems Week in Göteborg, Sweden. Gave a talk about Android.

Summer 2011: Attended the HiPEAC ACACES 2011 summer school.


Application of Domain-aware Binary Fuzzing to Aid Android Virtual Machine Testing
S .Kyle, H. Leather, B. Franke, D. Butcher, and S. Monteith

A Parallel Dynamic Binary Translator for Efficient Multi-Core Simulation
O. Almer, I. Böhm, T. Edler von Koch, B. Franke, S. Kyle, V. Seeker, C. Thompson, and N. Topham

Efficiently Parallelizing Instruction Set Simulation of Embedded Multi-Core Processors Using Region-based Just-in-Time Dynamic Binary Translation
S.Kyle, I.Böhm, B.Franke, H.Leather and N.Topham.

Scalable Multi-Core Simulation Using Parallel Dynamic Binary Translation
O.Almer, I.Böhm, T.Edler von Koch, B.Franke, S.Kyle, V.Seeker, C.Thompson and N.Topham.

Generalized Just-In-Time Trace Compilation using a Parallel Task Farm in a Dynamic Binary Translator
I.Böhm, T.Edler von Koch, S.Kyle, B.Franke and N.Topham.




Semester 1 of 2012/13: Tutor for Informatics 1: Functional Programming
Semester 1 of 2011/12: Tutor for Informatics 2C: Computer Systems
Semester 1 of 2010/11: Tutor for Informatics 2C: Computer Systems