Open SourceΒΆ

List of notable open-source projects (in order of recency):

  • mc2lib: Memory consistency model checking and test generation library. (Work in progress)
  • cksumdb: Simple BASH script to generate file checksums in various database formats. (Maintenance only)
  • pkgix: A simple from source prefix package manager written entirely in BASH. Grown out of the need of managing various versions of dependencies on various systems (without root access), and no other existing solution fit my needs (Gentoo Prefix, Nix). (Work in progress)
  • Logan: A Python framework for launching experiments and managing the resulting data. A result of this project is Lancet, which I helped develop with colleagues in Edinburgh. Logan’s current state is very rough, but I made it available upon request from several people. (Work in progress)
  • passph: Simple Python based password pre-hasher based on PBKDF2. (Maintenance only)

I have also contributed to:

  • The Gem5 simulator: A modular platform for computer-system architecture research. Most notably, I have fixed several memory consistency related bugs, and while at ARM worked on a memory checker that was integrated upstream (MemChecker).