To build RAHD, please do the following (using SBCL):
  1. Build Maxima:
    1. Change to the ./maxima-5.20.1/ subdirectory,
    2. Follow the instructions in Maxima's INSTALL.lisp, which amounts to:
      1. launch SBCL; Then do as follows:
      2. SBCL> (load "configure.lisp")
      3. SBCL> (configure) ; accept all default values
      4. SBCL> (quit)
      5. launch SBCL again; Then do as follows:
      6. SBCL> (load "maxima-build.lisp")
      7. SBCL> (maxima-compile)
      8. SBCL> (quit)
  2. Change back to RAHD main source directory,
  3. Run RAHD's ./maker script.
This should product a rahd binary. Please contact me if you have any trouble.