Murali Krishna Emani

Room 1.05
School of Informatics
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh EH8 9AB
Scotland, UK

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About me

I'm doing my PhD at the University of Edinburgh under the guidance of Dr Michael O'Boyle . I'm a member of the Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA) and the Compiler and Architecture Design Group (CArD). Before moving to Edinburgh, I worked with Distributed Computing Lab of Infosys Labs, India. I have a Masters degree in IT from IIIT Bangalore and Bachelors degree from Osmania University, India.

Research Statement

My research lies in the broad area of mapping of parallel programs on heterogenous harware. More specifically, I'm working on approaches using compilers and machine learning techniques to dynamically adapt parallel programs on multi and many cores in presence of external varying workloads. I would like to create sophisticated ways to elasticize any parallel program on-the-fly i.e. enable it to adapt to the highly dynamic environment that include changes in input data, hardware, software, external programs and other factors in the system.

Recently I worked on using feedback driven mechanisms to autotune a machine learning model that optimizes a parallel program at runtime in stochastic execution environments. I am also exploring resource scheduling, dynamic load balancing in big-data processing systems.

I'm interested briefly in:
  • Designing and building self-adaptive, self-optimizing systems in dynamic environments
  • Adaptive and autonomic parallel computing through online learning
  • Optimal co-scheduling of workloads in data centers to improve server utilization by minimizing contention due to interference.
  • Parallelism detection in legacy applications
  • Porting sequential applications to Multicores and GPUs
  • Research commercialization

Research Interests

Parallel Programming, Machine Learning, Cloud computing, Large-scale data processing, Autonomic Computing