Welcome to my little bit of the internet where my aim is to keep you updated on my research, projects, and publications.

First a little about myself…

I come from South Africa, where Johannesburg is my home. I originally studied electrical engineering with the information option at University of the Witwatersrand, School of Electrical and Information Engineering and later did my masters at Wits, focusing in control engineering. My degree was by full research and was supervised by Prof. Anton van Wyk. I was funded by the Information Security division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (more details on this on my projects page). During my degree I was the lecturer for the introduction to electrical engineering course that other types of engineers studying at Wits take. Ultimately, my research interests lie in the Man-Machine interface, artistic expression through technology, and artificial intelligence.

My current endevour is a Ph.D. in informatics which I am studying with the Centre for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics), under Dr. Hiroshi Shimodaira. I am here with a scholarship from the South African National Research Foundation and funding from the SSPNet Project. Check out projects page for details on what I am doing. The academics page covers everything else.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Student member
Engineering Council of South Africa - Engineer in training
The South African Institute Of Electrical Engineers - Student member