Bevan K. Jones

3.48 Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB
United Kingdom

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I am a third year PhD student pursuing a joint degree in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and Computer Science at Macquarie University under advisors Sharon Goldwater and Mark Johnson. Previously, I was at Brown University (Cognitive Science) and San Jose State University (Computer Science).

My research interests center on grammar induction, with a particular focus on how an assumption that language has meaning might influence the kinds of structures learned. Currently, this means I do a lot of work in semantic parsing, attempting to learn a map from natural language sentence to a formal representation of its meaning. I also sometimes work on semantics-based statistical machine translation, and on word-segmentation, with an interest in how simultaneously learning word meanings might impact segmentation. I tend to use Bayesian inference techniques, applying them to models taken from formal language theory such as tree transducers and graph grammars, and prefer machine learning techniques that require little or no supervision.


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