About Me

I am a final year PhD student in the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Mirella Lapata and Frank Keller. My research is concerned with compositional distributional semantics. My inspirations are philosophy, quantum mechanics, information theory and cognitive linguistics.

Recent Activities

March 2015 Extended Abstract accepted for Advances in Distributional Semantics workshop
14 Apr 2015 Attended IWCS at Queen Mary University of London
9 June 2015 Talk at Saarland University "Semantic Representation and Composition Inspired by Quantum Mechanics"
9-10 July 2015 Attended workshop on Linguistically-aware Models of Distributional Semantics in Computational Linguistics at Stuttgart Universtity
15-17 July 2015 Attended the 9th International Conference on Quantum Interaction