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Research Interests

My research is concerned with ontology alignment between heterogeneous ontologies where each ontology is induced in isolation from sensor measurements. We consider each disparate sensor/sensor cluster as an agent and all agents as a collaborative multi-agent system. As ontologies model a particular conceptualisation of a domain, for agents to exchange information about domain they must align ontologies. We are interested in the case that sharing domain knowledge improves a joint task performed by all agents and evidence for alignment takes the form of ontology samples exchanged between agents as messages in a coordinated communication game.

We hope to demonstrate:

1: Succcesful ontology alignment using evidence from language games where ontologies are induced from sensors co-located in an environment.
2: Strategies for exchanging samples for semantic alignment prioritised by those samples that will improve task effectiveness.
3: The palpable need to automatically induce ontologies from sensor data where an appropriate a priori conceptualisation cannot be defined a priori.

Principle Supervisor: Michael Rovatsos
Secondary Supervisor: Subramanian Ramamoorthy
Core member of the Agents Reading Group

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