Volker Seeker

About Me

I'm researching as a member of the Compiler and Architecture Design Group, Institute for Computing Systems Architecture at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics.

My supervisors are Hugh Leather and Björn Franke.

My research is funded by an ARM CASE studentship which gives me the opportunity to a collaboration with ARM Ltd. in Cambridge.


I handed my thesis in for examination in December 2016.
[Abstract, Lay Summary]

Research Interests

I am interested in programming embedded devices, particularly in finding algorithms that are able to use device components in energy efficient ways. In my PhD I am working with Android mobile systems. I am looking for ways to improve the processor's energy efficiency by considering the right execution frequency at the right time or heterogeneous cores. I am exploring how much you can slow down the execution of a mobile workload to save energy before longer system response times negatively impact the end user's quality of experience.

My thesis has the title: User Experience Driven CPU Frequency Scaling On Mobile Devices Towards Better Energy Efficiency. Please look at its Abstract or Lay Summary for a more details about my work.

I am interested in mobile benchmarks and how accurately they represent actual mobile workloads. How well do they cope with the rapidly changing application market for mobile devices and how well they capture the interactive component of mobile applications.

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I am looking at heterogeneous processing technologies such as ARM big.LITTLE and how they can be used to improve mobile user experience and save energy at the same time. I enjoy working on Android based systems and how machine learning can be used to improve the user experience and energy efficiency.

Other than that, I like hacking the Linux kernel and the Android OS when I get the chance. I like system simulators. I enjoy programming in both Java and C. I recently looked into building some web pages and I must say I should make this one prettier.

Oh, and I know Kung Fu!


Career Summary

2015: Technical Support for Informatics Summer of Code at University of Edinburgh
2013: Internship at Critical Blue, Edinburgh
2012: Internship at Processor Power Division at ARM Ltd., Cambridge
2011 - 2017: PhD in Computer Science at Universiy of Edinburgh
2010: Student Research Assistant at Embedded Systems Group at TU Berlin, Germany
2009 - 2010: Co-Founder, Developer and Project Manager at Brightside Games UG, Berlin, Germany
2007 - 2009: Software Developer at Bit-Side GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2005 - 2011: Computer Engineering at Technische Universität (TU) Berlin, Germany

Please refer to my current CV for more details.