Jozef Mokrý


Hello, I am Jozef. I am doing my PhD at University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Kenneth Heafield. My main interests are deep learning methods applied to machine translation. I am funded by EPSRC's CDT in Data Science program. Before coming to Edinburgh I was at University of Cambridge where I studied Computer Science. While in Cambridge, I was awarded WCIT's "Outstanding Technology Student" prize.


2017 Rico Sennrich; Orhan Firat; Kyunghyun Cho; Alexandra Birch; Barry Haddow; Julian Hitschler; Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt; Samuel Läubli; Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone; Jozef Mokry; Maria Nadejde (2017). Nematus: a Toolkit for Neural Machine Translation. In Proceedings of the Demonstrations at the 15th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Valencia, Spain. [code]


2016 Pipeline tolerant decoder [PDF] [code]

With software prefetching large n-gram language models run faster which results in a performance improvement of machine translation systems.

2015 Online recognition of handwritten mathematical equations [PDF]

Using convolutional neural networks, sympy library and some heuristics, I made an Android app that solves the equations you draw. The app supported basic arithmetic and trigonometric functions, lower-case English letters as variables, exponentiation and (nested) fractions.

Work experience

2017 Tutor for Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning course
2016 Teaching assistant for the Extreme Computing course
Tutor for Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition course
summer 2015 Facebook Search Learning and Experimentation team
summer 2014 Microsoft Bing Ads Infrastructure Team
summer 2013 Cambridge Silicon Radio Research & Development team (now part of Qualcomm)


2016-now CDT in Data Science (PhD), University of Edinburgh
2015-2016 CDT in Data Science (Master's by Reasearch), University of Edinburgh
2012-2015 BA Hons in Computer Science, University of Cambridge
2010-2012 International Baccalaureate, Spojena skola Novohradska


2015 WCIT Outstanding Information Technology Student Prize
2015 Senior scholar of College and Thatcher Prize for academic performance
2014 Sir John Stratton Prize and Excelect Ltd Scholarship for academic performance
2013 College Prize and Clough Scholarship for academic performance

My Favourites

sports squash, mountain hiking, ballroom dancing
programming languages C++, Python
editor vim
machine learning book PRML by Chris Bishop
news site Hacker News
hiking place High Tatras