Homotopy Type Theory reading group

This is the website for the HoTT reading group which me and James McKinna are running in Edinburgh. The aim of this website is mainly to keep track of the topics we have discussed in the past and topics we will be reading and discussing in future meetings.

The book

We are reading the book

Homotopy Type Theory: Univalent Foundations of Mathematics

published by the The Univalent Foundations Program at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2013.

For definiteness, page numbers/sections/chapters will refer to the "Download PDF for printing on A4 paper" version:


Some of you may already have a hardback or US letter version of the book; your cooperation is appreciated.

Mailing list

All announcements will be made and group discussion will appear on the reading group's mailing list: hott-reading-group {ät} inf.ed.ac.uk.
If you want to register, please contact me or James.

Time and location