Benjamin Pryke

Deep & machine learning PhD student at the University of Edinburgh


I am a PhD student in the Machine Learning group of the Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh.

My supervisor is Amos Storkey.

My interests lie in building connectionist neural networks for unsupervised settings, specifically deep learning. I believe that insight into machine learning techniques for hierarchical, spatiotemporal data can be gained from understanding the computational principles of the mammalian neocortex, and am also interested in what computer models can, in turn, tell us about the cortex.

I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 with a Computer Science MEng, First Class Honours.

I'm big on modern movement, especially gymnastics, parkour, freerunning, tricking and breakdancing and will often be found upside down at Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club. If you're interested in getting involved or just want to see a backflip, come and say hello!


As my PhD began on October 1st, 2013, I have not yet produced any publications. However, feel free to check out my master's thesis.


When I began my PhD, my supervisor asked that I note down useful information that was not made immediately clear. Here is a list of potentially useful information for new PhD students. It is unlikely that new PhD students themselves will find this list here, so please pass this document on or encourage its content to be utilised by the department.


Give me a shout on Twitter or Google+.

To request my CV or for anything else, email me at b.j.pryke [at]

Find me during the week at:

Room 2.40,
Informatics Forum,
10 Crichton St,
EH8 9AB,