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NII Internship
Currently, I am working with Dr. Junichi Yamagishi at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.

Merlin is a toolkit for building Deep Neural Network models for statistical parametric speech synthesis. Github.

Indic IVRS
In summer 2013, I worked with Ankur-India as an intern at Google Summer of Code (GSoC) on Indian languages Interactive Voice Response System (Indic-IVRS) using CMUSphinx Speech Recognition and Festival/Festvox Text-To-Speech systems. Blog.

CSTR Internship
In winter 2013, I worked on Syllable based models for prosody in HMM based speech synthesis as a part of Simple4All project at Center for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh.

Pronunciation Evaluation
In summer 2012, I worked with CMUSphinx team as an intern at Google Summer of Code (GSoC) on Pronunciation Evaluation using CMUSphinx Speech Recognition. Blog.