Daniel Hillerström

Daniel Hillerström (Research Postgraduate Student)

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Informatics Forum
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United Kingdom
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My research interests revolve around the design, implementation, and use of handlers for algebraic effects to model and control user-definable computational effects. I am exploring the design, implementation, and application spaces of handlers in the contexts of the Links programming language and Multicore OCaml — an experimental extension to the OCaml programming language which uses algebraic effects and handlers to compose concurrency.

My supervisors are Sam Lindley (LFCS) and Christophe Dubach (ICSA).


Extended abstracts


  • An Abstract Machine Semantics for Handlers (2017.03.22)

    Presented at "Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS)", University of St Andrews.

  • Runtime Agnostic Concurrency with Handlers (2016.10.12)

    Presented at Pervasive Parallelism Lunch, the University of Edinburgh.

  • Presented at ML Workshop, Nara, Japan.


  • Liberating Effects with Rows and Handlers (2016.09.18)

    Presented at TyDe@ICFP'16, Nara, Japan.


  • Programming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers (2016.05.10)

    Presented at Critical Blue Ltd, Edinburgh.

  • Towards Compilation of Affine Algebraic Effect Handlers (2016.04.26)

    Presented at the "Systems Research Group Meeting", Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

  • Programming with effect handlers (2015.11.05)

    Presented at "Programming Language Interest Group (PLInG)", the University of Edinburgh.

  • Presented at "Practical Types", Summer school, University of St Andrews.

  • Master of Science by Research in Computer Science (Distinction)

    September 2015 - August 2016

    The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Advised by Christophe Dubach and Sam Lindley

  • Master of Science in Computer Science (Distinction)

    September 2014 - August 2015

    The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Advised by Sam Lindley

  • Joint Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics

    August 2010 - June 2014

    Aalborg University, Denmark

    Advised by Hans Hüttel

  • Best Dissertation Award (Pervasive Parallelism)

    November 2016

    Dissertation: "Compilation of Effect Handlers and their Applications in Concurrency"

    Awarded by the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Winner ICFP ACM Student Research Competition

    September 2016

    Entry: "First-Class Message-Passing Concurrency with Handlers"

    Awarded by the ICFP SRC Committee

  • Best Dissertation Award (Computer Science)

    November 2015

    Dissertation: "Handlers for Algebraic Effects in Links"

    Awarded by the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland