Daniel Hillerström

Daniel Hillerström (Research Postgraduate Student)

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Broadly speaking, my primary research interests are the design (semantics and type systems) and implementation of programming languages (compilers). In particular, I am interested in how to model and control computational effects using algebraic effects and handlers. Currently, I am investigating new compilation and implementation techniques for effect handlers.

My supervisors are Sam Lindley (LFCS) and Christophe Dubach (ICSA).

– Daniel Hillerström, “Compilation of Effect Handlers and their Applications in Concurrency,” Master’s thesis, School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh; fulfillment of Year 1 in CDT Pervasive Parallelism programme; supervised by Sam Lindley and Christophe Dubach, Scotland, August 2016.

– Daniel Hillerström, Sam Lindley, and KC Sivaramakrishnan, “Compiling Links Effect Handlers to the OCaml Backend.” ML Workshop, Nara, Japan, Sep 2016.

– Daniel Hillerström and Sam Lindley, “Liberating Effects with Rows and Handlers,” in Proceedings of 1st International Workshop on Type-Driven Development (TyDe), September 2016, pp. 15–27.

– Daniel Hillerström, “Handlers for Algebraic Effects in Links,” Master’s thesis, School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh; Supervised by Sam Lindley, Scotland, August 2015.

– Daniel Hillerström and Mathias Ruggaard Pedersen, “The Constructive Completeness of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic.” Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University; Supervised by Hans Hüttel, Denmark, july 2013.

  • Compiling Links Effects Handlers to the OCaml Backend (2016.09.22)

    Presented at ML Workshop, Nara, Japan.

  • Liberating Effects with Rows and Handlers (2016.09.18)

    Presented at TyDe'16, Nara, Japan.

  • Programming with Algebraic Effects and Handlers (2016.05.10)

    Presented at Critical Blue Ltd, Edinburgh.

  • Towards Compilation of Affine Algebraic Effect Handlers (2016.04.26)

    Presented at the "Systems Research Group Meeting", Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.

  • Programming with effect handlers (2015.11.05)

    Presented at "Programming Language Interest Group (PLInG)", the University of Edinburgh.

  • Handlers for Algebraic Handlers in Links: Interpreting a Game of Nim (2015.08.05)

    Presented at "Practical Types", Summer school, University of St Andrews.

Compiling Techniques (UG3)

I am a Teaching Assistant for Compiling Techniques, a third year undergraduate course that is lectured by Christophe Dubach. During the course the students develop their own compiler for a subset of the imperative programming language C. The course runs during the autumn semester.

Notably, the students use the Git version control system to manage their coursework during the course. Each student works on a fork of a skeleton compiler provided by me. In addition, I have developed an automated feedback system that provide students with feedback on a daily basis.

Compiler Optimisations (UG4)

I am a Teaching Assistant for the Compiler Optimisations course, which is lectured by Hugh Leather. In this course the students are exposed to both the theory and practice of compiler optimisations. The course runs during the winter/spring semester.

  • Best Dissertation Award (Pervasive Parallelism)

    November 2016

    Given for my dissertation "Compilation of Effect Handlers and their Applications in Concurrency"

    Awarded by the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Winner ICFP ACM Student Research Competition

    September 2016

    Entry: "First-Class Message-Passing Concurrency with Handlers"

    Awarded by the ICFP SRC Committee

  • Master of Science by Research in Computer Science (Distinction)

    September 2015 - August 2016

    The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Advised by Christophe Dubach and Sam Lindley

  • Best Dissertation Award (Computer Science)

    November 2015

    Given for my dissertation "Handlers for Algebraic Effects in Links"

    Awarded by the School of Informatics, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Master of Science in Computer Science (Distinction)

    September 2014 - August 2015

    The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Advised by Sam Lindley

  • Joint Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics

    August 2010 - June 2014

    Aalborg University, Denmark

    Advised by Hans Hüttel