I am a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, affiliated with the ILCC. I am supervised by Prof Mirella Lapata and Prof Adam Lopez. My research lies in between machine learning and natural language processing. My focus is semantic parsing with neural networks. Before PhD I obtained MSc Computer Science distinction from the University of Oxford. I am fortunate to receive a Google PhD Fellowship.


A Generative Parser with a Discriminative Recognition Algorithm.  ACL 2017.
Jianpeng Cheng, Adam Lopez and Mirella Lapata
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Learning Structured Natural Language Representations for Semantic Parsing.  ACL 2017.
Jianpeng Cheng, Siva Reddy, Vijay Saraswat and Mirella Lapata
[ Paper ] [ Code ] [ Slides ]
Dependency Parsing as Head Selection.  EACL 2017.
Xingxing Zhang, Jianpeng Cheng and Mirella Lapata
[ Paper ] [ Code ]
Long Short-Term Memory-Networks for Machine Reading.  EMNLP 2016.
Jianpeng Cheng, Li Dong and Mirella Lapata
[ Paper ] [ Code ]
Neural Summarization by Extracting Sentences and Words.  ACL 2016.
Jianpeng Cheng and Mirella Lapata
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My full publication list is available at Google Scholar.

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Amazon Alexa Prize, working on chatbot, 2017
IBM T.J. Watson Research, working on semantic parsing, 2016
Microsoft Research, working on knowledge representations, 2015