Pablo León-Villagrá


I am a first year Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh, where I work in ILCC within the School of Informatics. My supervisor is Christopher Lucas. During my B.Sc. and M.Sc. I worked with Frank Jäkel at the University of Osnabrück and with David Lagnado at UCL London.
I want to understand how the (human) mind represents the world and how this representation allows generalization and transfer. To analyze this I compare human learning and generalization with performance and dynamics of machine learning algorithms and computational models.

3.48 Informatics Forum
10 Crichton Street
EH8 9AB, Edinburgh
United Kingdom


Function Learning

My current Ph.D. topic - How do we represent relationships between data and how does this representation allow for extrapolations beyond learned instances?

Causal Inference

My M.Sc. topic - What is the representational form of causal knowledge, do we adhere to the Markov Assumption?

Categorization in Chess

My B.Sc. topic - How do chess experts - in contrast to novices represent positons and what characteristics does this categorial structure have?

Publications & Presentations


Categorization and Abstract Similarity in Chess

Pablo León-Villagrá and Frank Jäkel: Categorization and abstract similarity in chess. Proceedings of the 35th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, 2013


Kausales Denken - Bayesianische Modelle im Dialog mit der Wiener'schen Denkpsychologie

Symposium Oswald Wiener Selbstbeobachtung - Denkpsychologie,
Kunsthaus Muerz, Austria


University of Edinburgh

2015 - today Ph.D.

Thesis Title:
Causal Inference and Generalization in Humans and Machines
Prof. Dr. Christopher Lucas

University of Osnabrück

2012 - 2015 M.Sc. Cognitive Science

Thesis Title:
Causal Reasoning and the Markov Assumption in a Physical Microworld
Prof. Dr. Frank Jäkel, Prof. Dr. David Lagnado

2008 - 2012 B.Sc. Cognitive Science

Thesis Title:
Categorization in Chess
Prof. Dr. Frank Jäkel