Inf1OP past papers

This page introduces an experimental service whereby you can do a past Inf1OP paper (from a limited selection for which automarkers are available) and get quick feedback on it from the automarker.

You may find this useful towards the end of the course as you prepare for the real exams.

You can attempt each paper as many times as you like, but you can only submit one attempt per day (total, not per paper).

If you have any questions about the work you're submitting, write them in the box provided, and I'll send you a human-generated answer (separately from the automarking report). The process is getting more automated, but there's still a human in the loop so don't expect instant replies. If you haven't heard back by the end of 2 working days after you submit, though, something has probably gone wrong: please let me know!

Papers that have automarkers available

Download the paper from the university past papers site or from the Informatics site (which has a little more: someone pointed out that sometimes the official site only has one sitting's paper, sorry) as usual. Then click the corresponding link below. Save the basic test files and any other required files. Do the paper. When you are ready — make sure your work passes all the basic tests provided! — return to the web page to upload and submit your work.

April/May 2014 sitting 1
April/May 2014 sitting 2
April/May 2015 sitting 1
April/May 2015 sitting 2
2016 mock
April/May 2016 sitting 1
April/May 2016 sitting 2
2017 mock

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