Dong Wang
Assistant professor
Tsinghua Univ. China;
Interests in : Automatic Speech Recognition, Information retrieval, Machine learning
I got my college degree in 1999 and master degree in 2002 at Tsinghua University of China. From 2006-2009, I studied at the University of Edinburgh supported by the Marie Curie fellowship, supervised by Prof. Simon King and Dr. Joe Frankel. In Dec. 2009, I got my PhD and then joined EURECOM, France as a post-doc research fellow, working with Nick Evans and Raphael Troncy. From Aug. 2011 to July. 2012, I worked for Nuance as a senior research scientst. I am now an assistant professor of Center of Speech and Langauge Technology (CSLT) at Tsinghua University .

My research interests covers a wide topics including speech recognition, signal processing, information retrieval, machine learning. Here youc an check my publications . Most of the papers are provided in pdf format and free for researchers.

I also designed a number of tools that can be used for STD and sparse learning. Unless stated explicitly, all the tools are free for researchers. Please check my tools.