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Vincent Danos - Edinburgh homepage

About me

I am Directeur de Recherches at CNRS (Paris, PPS lab), Professor at the University of Edinburgh (under the SICSA funding scheme), and Director of Synthsys the Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology at Edinburgh. Until recently, I was an external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute, and a visiting Professor at the Harvard Medical School (Fontana lab).

I am working on clean and scaleable domain-specific modeling/programming languages, mostly, but not only, for systems and synthetic biology.

I have just received an ERC grant to start Feb 2013 to develop further modelling methodologies. Interested to join?

I am taking part in cross-disciplinary activities meeting on algorithmic/mathematical structures for modelling (social systems, economical systems, climate, multi-scale plant growth, etc) with the Edinburgh Multidisciplinary Multiscale Modelling initiative.

About Kappa

Here is a Nov 2009 Nature feature article mentioning the Kappa language which we have developed to model biomolecular networks. Here is another one (Jul 2009). Yet another one in a recent issue of Nature Methods (Feb 2011) - with a vibrant endorsement of our rule-based methods!

A short intro to rule-based modelling: Agile modelling of cellular signalling (SOS'08)
A longer one: Rule-based modelling of cellular signalling (CONCUR'07)
Our modelling languages has various open-source implementations

Most of my publications can be found here (Paris homepage), there (google scholar), or there (DBLP).


Recent lab lunch talk energy as syntax; ISAB May 2011 talk, Kappa tutorial (CAV'09).

A workshop on the fragility of networks held Dec 10 2010 at the Informatics Forum with J. Michael Herrmann and Matthias Hennig (UoE).

A wonderful and wonderfully amusing talk about the aims of education (pdf taken from James Lynch' homepage).

Interested in a PhD? Application information is here. There will be soon specific opportunities via the Data Science Ph.D. programme.

Interested in a UG project? Check this (internal UoE link).

M. Sc. Teaching (not offered in 2012-2013):
- Synthetic biology and modeling
- Methods for the Analysis of Networks

Various academic activities since 2002 (Keynotes, invitations, courses, PCs).

Current PhD students:

- John Wilson-Kanamori
- Ricardo Honorato-Zimmer
- Milana Filatenkova
- Guoli Yang
- Matthias Sachs (with Ben Leimkuhler, maths)