Development of a decentralised virtual service redirector for Internet applications

Y. Chen, S. Hazelhurst, V. Galpin, R. Mateer, C. Mueller

Technical Report TR-Wits-CS-1999-10, Department of Computer Science, University of the Witwatersrand, 1999.


An ongoing project of the Highly Dependable Systems Research Programme (PHDS) at the University of the Witwatersrand is the development of a dependable autonomous decentralised system using readily available hardware and software components. The experimental system consists of Unix stations connected by ethernet. Real-time communication protocols and fault tolerant protocols have implemented as a fault-tolerant real-time environment to support various applications. Inspired from South African industry's requirement, the Internet service redirector is chosen as the application of the PHDS system. A firewall application has been implemented on the virtual redirector. Current work on this project includes: introduction of mobile agent technology into the system and implementation of a testbed to evaluate the availability and performance of the system. 


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