A lift simulation prototype

V.C. Galpin and S.T. Rock

Software Practice and Experience, 25(3):251-270, March 1995.


We present a simple simulation of lift (or elevator) operation that has been developed as a prototype to address the need for the development of such systems. We first define the type of simulation that has been developed as a discrete-event, dynamic, stochastic simulation. To do this, we present an overview of pertinent research in computer simulation, and identify some ambiguity in the use of terminology. We then describe the system that we have developed. Next we discuss the decisions taken in its realisation, which are related to our research overview, and end by identifying some areas that we feel warrant further development. We believe that such a simulation can provide an important tool for the designers of lift systems. This prototype demonstrates its feasibility. 

Keywords: Simulation, model, lift, objective function, discrete-event. 


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