Women in Computing

D. Gürer, J. Light, C. Björkman, R. Davies, M. Hancock, A. Condon, A. Craig, V. Galpin, U. Martin, M. Pohl, S. Wiltner, M. Suriya, E. Spertus, J. McGrath Cohoon, G. Childress Townsend, and P. Gabbert

In B. Wah, (ed), Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering, volume 5, 3099-3122. Wiley Interscience, 2008.

(V. Galpin's contribution is titled "Women and Computer Science in South Africa" and appears on pages 3108-3110). 


The history of computer science is composed mainly of male achievements and involvements, even though women have played substantial roles. Although women are a significant part of computing history, the numbers of women in computing still have yet to reach parity with men. This article covers women's experiences and impact in the computing history of the United States and in several other nations and explores some of the reasons for the disparities between the number of men and women in this field.


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