Vân Anh Huynh-Thu


GENIE3 is an algorithm for the inference of gene regulatory networks from expression data. It decomposes the prediction of a regulatory network between p genes into p different regression problems. In each of the regression problems, the expression pattern of one of the genes (target gene) is predicted from the expression patterns of all the other genes (input genes), using tree-based ensemble methods Random Forests or Extra-Trees. The importance of an input gene in the prediction of the target gene expression pattern is taken as an indication of a putative regulatory link.

DREAM challenges

GENIE3 was best performer in the:

Related paper

Inferring regulatory networks from expression data using tree-based methods
Huynh-Thu, V. A., Irrthum, A., Wehenkel, L., and Geurts, P.
PLoS ONE, 5(9):e12776, 2010.


Note: All the results presented in the paper were generated using the MATLAB implementation.

You have also the possibility to run GENIE3 on the GP-DREAM platform.