AnnoDomini - Year 2000 remediation for Cobol

AnnoDomini is Hafnium's Year 2000 tool. It is a program for finding and fixing Year 2000 problems in COBOL programs. AnnoDomini is developed for IBM OS/VS COBOL and runs under Windows NT and Windows 95. AnnoDomini is based on a novel polymorphic type theory, which has been developed specifically for solving Year 2000 problems.

AnnoDomini is partially written in Standard ML (see the paper for the invited POPL talk 1999), and it seems to be a perfect example "of the other kind" of real world use of functional programming: not re-implementing existing applications in a functional language (the COBOL applications are converted to COBOL, not to SML) but trying new ideas in a domain where both time to market and correctness are more important than ultimate speed.

Only the heart of the software, the analysis and conversion engine, is implemented in a functional language. SML parser and lexer generators are used to generate almost half of the functional code, and interaction with other languages (Visual Basic for the GUI) and tools (LPEX, a syntax-sensitive program editor developed by IBM) is important for the complete package.

Also see the AnnoDomini home page.