Calumet is a cooperative application for tele-conferencing. It is a distributed multi-user application which supports remote presentation, using annotations and voice, of virtual documents, similar to overhead slides, over a network of conventional workstations with built-in audio devices.

Calumet has been frequently used over the local-area network of European Computer-Industry Research Centre for the purpose of demonstrations and seminars. Nonetheless, Calumet can also be used over wide area networks. Several conferencing sessions have taken place at AT\&T (Murray Hills, New-Jersey), between ECRC and CWI (Amsterdam), CMU (Pittsburgh).

Calumet exemplifies the usage and integration of three technologies developped at ECRC. Distributed programming using Facile: a high-level, strongly-typed, modular, distributed programming language. Graphical user-interface design: experienced using InterView, a C++ GUI construction library. Inter-operability between applications under Unix: implemented with the Contract system, a socket-based interface specification language.