Linspire/Freespire - Haskell for systems programming

The Linspire operating system is a Linux distribution targeted for the consumer marketplace (formerly known as LindowsOS.) Freespire is a variant suitable for developers and experienced Linux users that was announced in April, 2006. Since 2002, Linspire engineers have been using functional programming in select tasks such as:

Much of this work was done in O'Caml, but as of April, 2006, we have standardized on Haskell whenever appropriate. In both languages, the static typing is a huge help, saving many hours of frustration when deploying to a heterogeneous set of remote machines.

While O'Caml is an excellent language with a very good compiler, it has some attributes which have limited its use in our application:

These attributes could certainly be fixed, but there is a richness and simplicity to Haskell that has made that effort seem futile. Really, it is the positive aspects of Haskell that are driving the adoption. Examples include: Above all, Haskell programs tend to be beautiful, which makes it easy to pick up where you last left off working on them.