Standard ML of New Jersey

Standard ML of New Jersey is a compiler and programming environment for the Standard ML language. It was was developed jointly at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Princeton University. It is an open system (source code is freely available) implemented in Standard ML. Version 0.93 of SML/NJ generates native code for 68020, SPARC, and MIPS (big and little endian), I386/486, HPPA(HP9000/700), and RS/6000 architectures under various versions of the Unix operating system (SunOS, Ultrix, Mach, Irix, Riscos, HPUX, AIX, AUX, etc.), and on the Macintosh OS (Mac II, System 7.x, min 12MB ram or any system of greater or equal power, which includes most Macs produced after about 1987).

SML/NJ comes with a source-level debugger, profiler, gnu emacs interface, ML implementations of LEX, YACC, and Twig, separate compilation facilities, Concurrent ML, the eXene X Window library, and the SML/NJ library. It runs interactively and can produce stand-alone executable applications.

Non-standard extensions include typed first-class continuations, Unix signal handling, and higher-order functors.