Scheme Score

Csound is a versatile sound synthesis system written in C. Its inputs are usually an orchestra file and a score file. The score file specifies a list of notes to be played by instruments in the orchestra.

Scheme Score is a Csound score preprocessor. Scheme Score translates a score file augmented with Scheme code into a Scheme program. When the generated program is executed by a Scheme interpreter, it produces a processed score file for input to Csound.

This preprocessor is very powerful in the hands of a knowledgeable Scheme programmer. It can be used to perform many tasks that are currently performed with Cscore, a program for generating and manipulating score files. Cscore consists of a library of functions coded in C that are linked into a user-written control program. A user must be able to write, compile, and link C programs. Scheme Score is much easier to use.