I am an Associate Professor (Reader in UK terms) at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh .

Prior to arriving at Edinburgh, I was a post-doc at Oxford University, Computer Science Department and at Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble (LIG) at Grenoble, France. I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota in Aug 2009. My PhD supervisor was Prof. Mats Heimdahl.


My Research

My research is along two directions:
  • Automated Software Testing Techniques considering test input generation, test oracles, coverage metrics.
  • Biomedical Artificial Intelligence focusing on cancer survival models, interpretability for biological sequences and medical images. .
Figure below shows the different topics I am presently working on under each of these directions.

I am looking for PhD students with strong background in either

  • Software testing, program analysis and compilers. Students should have very strong programming skills, preferably in C++ and Python.
  • Natural language processing or computer vision with some familiarity in bioinformatics. Students should have solid understanding of AI techniques and tools along with strong Python programming.

Fully funded PhD positions are available for UK/EU students. Exceptional overseas students will also be considered.

NOTE: I am urgently looking to hire a PhD student to work on the topic of "Testing AI on Autonomous Vehicles". The PhD student will be jointly funded by Codeplay Ltd and the Datalab .

Research Group

Current PhD Students

Tongjie Wang
Multi-modal prediction models for cancer survival.

Xiaoliang Wu
Automated Testing of Speech Recognition Systems.

Amy Rafferty
Explainable AI for Medical Image Analysis.

Nick Louloudakis
Testing Perception AI on Hardware Accelerators.

Piyush Borole
AI techniques for Vaccine Design.

Hans-Cristof Gasser
Explainable AI for Cancer Immunotherapy.

Past PhD Students

Panos Stratis
Software test suite compilation and execution optimizations.

Vanya Yaneva
Acceleratign test executions on GPUs

Chao Peng
Test generation and coverage for GPU programs.

Sefa Akca
Automated Testing of Smart Contracts on Blockchains.

Foivos Tsimpourlas
Machine Learning for Compiler Optimisations.

Current Funded Projects

  • Royal Society Industry Fellowship (2022 -- 2025) AutoTest: Testing Autonomous Vehicle Perception Safety on Hardware Accelerators. I am collaborating with Codeplay Ltd. to test safety and robustness of real-time perception systems on computing platforms in self-driving cars. I have a fully funded PhD studentship (funded at UK/EU fee level by Datalab and Codeplay) to work on this project. I am looking for a student with expertise in one or more of -- software testing, compilers and parallel architectures. Please contact me if you are interested.
  • H2020 European Project KATY (2021 -- 2025) - H2020 – DT-TDS-04-2020 AI for Genomics and Personalised Medicine in which I am Edinburgh Lead PI: 2021- 2025. Knowledge at the Tip of Your fingers: Clinical Knowledge for Humanity (KATY). The project involves 20 partners from 11 countries with clinical, AI and software engineering expertise to develop personalised treatment recommendations for Renal cancer. I am looking to hire a multi-year Research Assistant with expertise in NLP for this project. Please contact me if you are interested.
  • EPSRC Trustworth Autonomous Systems Node in Governance and Regulation (2020 -- 2024) - led by Prof. Ram Ramamoorthy from the School of Informatics. I am excited to be a Co-I working with several others on this project. project aims to ensure the trustworthiness of systems that put machines in charge of decisions with particular focus on the design of frameworks for responsibility and accountability. The project will focus on UAVs and medical diagmostics as application domains.
  • Bytedance/TikTok project (2020 -- 2022) - The project focuses on testing techniques for Android Applications.


  • Software Testing (ST) - 3rd year UG course introducing software testing concepts and providing practical experience with JUnit. I have been teaching this course since 2015.
  • Computer Programming - Skills and Concepts (CP) - 1st year UG course introducing C programming. I co-taught this course in 2017/18 and 2018/19.
  • Embedded Systems (ES) - 4th year UG course (2017/18).
  • Introduction to Software Engineering (Inf2C-SE) - 2nd year UG course (2014/15).

Recent News


  • December: Our paper with collaborators at Bytedance Research with Chao Peng as lead author, "Hawkeye: Change-targeted Testing for Android Apps based on Deep Reinforcement Learning", was accepted at ICSE 2024, Software Engineering In Practice track.
  • December: Our paper with Xiaoliang Wu as lead author, "Can We Trust Explainable AI Methods on ASR? An Evaluation on Phoneme Recognition", was accepted at ICASSP 2024.
  • August: Our paper with Nick Louloudakis as lead author, "DeltaNN: Assessing the Impact of Computational Environment Parameters on the Performance of Image Recognition Models", was accepted at ICSME 2023, Industry track.
  • July: Our paper with Nick Louloudakis as lead author, "Fault Localization for Buggy Deep Learning Framework Conversions in Image Recognition", was accepted at ASE 2023, NIER track.
  • June: Our paper with Benedicte Legastelois as lead author, "Challenges in Explaining Brain Tumor Detection", was accepted at TAS 2023.
  • March: Our paper with Georges Bedran as lead author, "The immunopeptidome from a genomic perspective: Establishing the non-canonical landscape of class I MHC-associated peptides." was accepted in the Cancer Immunology Research journal3. To Appear.
  • February: Gave an invited talk at Royal Society Meeting of Minds Conference on "Ensuring Safety and Robustness of Perception AI in Autonomous Vehicles" in the Data and Digital Technology Theme.
  • February: Our paper with Xiaoliang Wu as lead author, "Explanations for Automatic Speech Recognition" was accepted at IEEE ICASSP 2023. To Appear in June 2023.


  • November: Our paper with Nick Louloudakis as lead author,"Assessing RObustness of Image Recognition Models to Changes in the Computational Environment" was accepted and presented at NeurIPS ML Safety Workshop 2022.
  • September: Our paper with Amy Rafferty as lead author,"Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Breast Tumour Classification: Helpful or Harmful" was accepted and presented at Workshop on Interpretability of Machine Intelligence in Medical Image Computing at MICCAI 2022.
  • August: Our paper with Xiaoliang Wu as lead author, "Catch Me If You Can: Blackbox Adversarial Attacks on Automatic Speech Recognition using Frequency Masking" was accepted at Proceedings of 2022 29th Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC). To Appear in Dec 2022.
  • August: Our paper with Foivos Tsimpourlas as lead author," BenchPress: A Deep Active Benchmark Generator" was accepted at 31st International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT). To Appear October 2022
  • June: Our paper with Dominic Phillips, Hans-Christof Gasser, Sebestyén Kamp as lead authors,"Generating Immune-aware SARS-CoV-2 Spike Proteins for Universal Vaccine Design" was accepted in Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Healthcare AI and COVID-19, ICML 2022, PMLR 184:100-116, 2022. July 2022.
  • May: PC Member for ICSE 2023 (SEIP track) and 2024,FSE 2023, ISSTA 2023.
  • April: Invited talks at Stanford University Dept. Aeronautics and Astronautics Seminar and Facebook AI Research in California.


  • October: Our paper,"Interpreting BERT architecture predictions for peptide presentation by MHC class I proteins", is accepted at NeurIPS Workshop 2021, "Explainable AI approaches for Debugging and Diagnosis".
  • October: Awarded Royal Society Industry Fellowship on "AutoTest: Testing Autonomous Vehicle Perception Safety on Hardware Accelerators". The fellowship will start March 2022.
  • August: Our paper,"GPU Acceleration of FSM Input Execution: Improving Scale and Performance", is accepted at STVR journal 2021.
  • June: Our paper, "Testing Smart Contracts: Which Technique Performs Best?", is accepted at ACM/IEE Conference ESEM 2021.
  • June: Our paper, "CAT: Change-focused Android GUI Testing", is accepted at IEEE conference ICSME 2021.
  • June: Our paper, "Embedding and Classifying Test Execution Traces using Neural Network", is accepted in IET Software Journal.
  • May: Our paper, "GPU Acceleration of FSM Input Execution: Improving Scale and Performance", is accepted with minor revisions in STVR Journal.
  • May: PC Member for FSE 2021 Industry track, FASE 21, ISSTA 21 Posters Chair, ICSE 2022 SEIP track, FSE 2022 Research Paper and Industry Track, ASE 2022 Journal First Track.

I edited a book along with Thomas Wahl for the European funded project, CESAR. The book was published by Springer in March 2013. A glimpse of the book is available here.