Casbah 0.1

Casbah 0.1 was the winner of the first annual computer Octi competition, held at Yale in October 2000.  It uses the standard game playing technique of alpha-beta search, with the innovation that the static evaluation function is exceptionally poor.  It plays the full game, the fast game, and the kids' game.  In general, it will be okay in highly tactical situations, such as Octi problems, but it does not use formations or stacking, which severely hampers it against human players.

The source code for the program is available for download.  This version is slightly improved from the version that played at Yale, but not as unstable as my current development version. All of the files are available as a tarball.  To run the player <gasp!>, unpack them in some directory and load octi-load.lisp into your favorite Lisp.  Then the main form to evaluate is

(octi-tourney <comp-plays>)

where <comp-plays> is either red or blue .  Red goes first.

I've only run this under Franz Allegro 6.0 and LispWorks 4.1.  For those systems, you can use the implementation-dependent project files.  If you'd rather peruse the files individually, then here they are: 

By Charles Sutton.  Last Modified 8 May 2001.