TYPES topical workshop "Math Wiki"

EDINBURGH, Wed 31 Oct - Thurs 1 Nov, 2007

A meeting to discuss ideas supporting large scale formal mathematics:
Libraries, searching, web interfaces, notation, proof languages,
collaborative working, use of large scale computing resources, etc.

There will be discussion about proposing for EU funding on this topic
(at end of the Wed afternoon session).

Talks offered (with abstracts and slides) and participants


Accommodation: please reserve your own accommodation.
Here are some suggestions and directions (pdf files):
in Edinburgh, near King's Buildings, the workshop location, and a nearby guesthouse we often use.
The talks will be held in the James Clerk Maxwell Building, Kings Buildings, Room 2511.
Here are some maps and directions

Lunch and coffee/snacks will be supplied.
I've arranged WiFi access for workshop attendees.
There will be some registration fee (25 GBP) to cover lunches, etc.

There will be a social dinner at restaurant Blonde at 19:30 on 31/10.
(Fixed price, 35 GBP includes 3 courses, some wine/beer/soft-drinks.)
Please let me know if you don't want to come to the dinner.

There is also a mathWiki email list:
To contact Randy Pollack in case of problems:
office: 2608 James Clerk Maxwell Building, office phone: +44 (0)131 650-5140
mobile: +44 (0)7742 970 280