Trends in control theory at the interface of Systems & Synthetic Biology

Submission deadline has been extended to 18 November 2019

Together with Steffen Waldherr and Mustafa Khammash we are organising the open track Trends in control theory at the interface of Systems & Synthetic Biology at the 2020 IFAC World Congress in Berlin.

Biology offers exciting opportunities for new research in feedback control. This synergy has produced a large body of bioinspired control theory and, moreover, classic control concepts such as robustness and integral control are rapidly becoming commonplace in systems biology research. Currently we are amidst a groundbreaking wave of new control applications in biology, inspired by the birth of synthetic biology as a new paradigm in biological engineering.

This open track will collate submissions on control applied to the analysis and design of biomolecular systems. We welcome theoretical contributions in systems biology, as well as applications in synthetic biology, biotechnology and biomedicine. Given the breadth and popularity of this field, the track will help establishing systems and synthetic biology as core domains in the control community.

We are soliciting two types of contributions:

  • contributed papers (6 pages)
  • extended abstracts (2 pages)

Extended abstracts are an original format that offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your latests results without committing to a full paper. Each contribution will be individually reviewed through the normal refereeing process of the conference.

Submission Instructions

To submit your contribution in Papercept, under ‘Type of Submission’ you should choose either ‘Open invited track paper’ or ‘Open invited track extended abstract’ and in the next page use our session code uwi99. You can find more detailed submission instructions in the conference website.

Submission deadline: 18 November 2019