Copy both
to a convenient directory. You'll want them on your $PYTHONPATH if you want to
import as a module, or just on your $PATH if you're happy shelling as an executable.

If you are a Matlab user also copy obtain_gpu_lock_id.m into the same directory
and use that to get lock IDs.

Personally I also make a sym-link
    ln -s gpu_lock
which is a prettier command to call (I still need the .py file to be able to
import it as a Python module though.)

The other files give examples of how to shell to obtain and lock a
GPU id.

For more information, run with no arguments. For even more
information, see:

Toronto users: alias the version in my bin directory:
Then you will automatically get bug-fixes. If you sym-link it somewhere, also
create a sym-link to:

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