This directory contains functions that provide functionality that is built into
recent versions of Matlab and/or Octave. Some of my functions are free-software
clones of Matlab functions. For others I have written written similar functions
that provide some of the functionality.

Matlab functions that only made it into Octave more recently:

Matlab functions that aren't in Octave (as of Nov 2009):
    mvnrnd    (my version is in Octave-forge)
I don't claim 100% compatibility, but these cover some uses.

Relatively new Matlab functions missing from Matlab 6.x and similarly old
(This is inefficient and memory hungry compared to the new builtin function, but
will at least get code that depends on it running.)

A statistics routine:
is a bit like norminv in the stats toolbox, but not compatible (args in a
different order and not all features supported). Octave comes with a better
norminv clone.
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